Pearl Barley and Cream Soup


  • 110g pearl barley
  • 1 3/4 pint chicken stock
  • 1/4 pint milk
  • 1/4 pint double cream
  • 110g butter (cut into small pieces)
  • salt and pepper to season
  • 2 teaspoons parsley (chopped)


Step 1
Pour boiling water onto the barley and leave for 1 minute to blanch it then drain
Step 2
In a large saucepan, add the barley and chicken stock then simmer for 2 hours
Step 3
Puree the barley and chicken stock mixture in a blender
Step 4
Add the cream, milk, and butter
Step 5
Return to the hob and reheat
Step 6
Season to taste with salt and pepper then serve with the chopped parsley sprinkled on top