If you’re thinking of cutting down on carbs or going full keto, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Simply finding out which foods are high or low in carbs or which ones have hidden sugar content is something that can take time. And add to this the ongoing campaign of mis-information given to us by companies telling us things like their ‘breakfast cereal’ is a ‘healthy start to the day’ when it’s 10% sugar or that ‘juice based drinks’ are a better option than fizzy drinks, it really does feel like a a mine-field. The majority of us simply want to lose weight or improve our health without having to get a master’s degree in nutrition.

The basic rules to follow are that home-cooked is better than store-bought (because you know what’s going into it) and decent-quality fat isn’t the real bad guy of the story (obviously not including things like trans-fats here – they really are the devil’s work!)

Here’s a handy guide from Low Carb Alpha showing you what you can eat when you’re trying to cut down on carbs or learn about the Keto diet – it’s a type of keto or low-carb cheat-sheet: